Config file

There can be the following sections in the config file:


This section contains a list of relative paths of packages. They are used to run commands on them.




All sections besides [packages] are treated as commands.

Required parameters

  • command - command to be run

Optional parameters

  • precondition - do not run the command if the precondition is not met aka ``the command returns a non-zero exit code.
  • ignore-exit-code - Ignore the exit code of the command it set to any value. This way the the run of toll does not stop after running the command.


This a an example of some commands:

precondition = test -e bin/buildout
command = bin/buildout -n

command = bin/py.test

ignore-exit-code = true
command = hg push

The precondition of [build] checks whether bin/buildout exists as the command would fail if not.